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Concrete Delivery Truck Dimensions

Your concrete is premixed on site in our delivery trucks and can be placed directly into the required location.

In order to do this, we must have suitable access to position the truck close by. The overall dimensions of the truck are shown on the right.

Remember that the truck may require additional space to maneuver into position.

Our Ready Mixed Concrete delivery trucks are 10m x 3m x 3.7m high

Once in position, the truck can deploy a motorised delivery chute with a 6 metre reach to place the concrete in the desired location.

If it is not possible to access the ideal position with the truck, an alternative free barrow service is available.

To get an idea of the quantity you require, please use our Quantity Estimator.

If in doubt - please call us to discuss your requirements!

The delivery chute on our Ready Mixed Concrete trucks has a reach of 6m
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